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I'm Bhumi Patel, my husband Hitesh, our kids Hiren and Anjali. My dad was ill (pancreas cancer) in India. My family had to go back home for his treatment. We spent 4 months there and spent all our savings which we had. We tried every possibilities to save his life but unfortunately we couldn't save him.

Now my husband lost his job and seeking. Me, my husband and my kids are left with no money. Our landlord has given us one week notice for eviction. We are over due by $4200.00 in rent and have to pay at least $2500.00 to stay at our home. One of our family friend helped us buy grocery and pay the unity bill and internet bill.

When ever our landlord come and knock on our door for rent money it makes me feel like killing my self and feel shame on myself for putting my husband and children in this situation. I've cried enough.

I know people out there with kind heart who may help us get through this situation until we get back on our feet. Please help us from becoming homeless. I'll be thankful to you each and everyone till my last breath

I have created a campaign on gofundme website

Bhumi P
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